nutriplenish deep moisture hair care

Nutrient-rich hydrating hair treatments that go deep

nutriplenish deep moisture collection

50% more butters than the light collection to provide decadent care for dry hair. 100% vegan.
94% naturally derived.*
*From plants, non-petroleum minerals or water. Nutriplenish deep moisture collection is 94% naturally derived on average per ISO standards.

A nourishing, buttery, superfood-infused formula for intense hydration.

6.7 fl oz/200 ml
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  • 6.7 fl oz/200 ml €59.50

  • .85 fl oz/25 ml - travel size €10.00

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  • 250 ml €37.00

  • 50 ml - travel size €10.00

  • 1 litre €111.00

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  • 250 ml €43.50

  • 1 litre €130.00

  • 50 ml - travel size €10.00

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  • 200 ml €43.50

  • 30 ml - travel size €10.00

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1 fl oz/30 ml
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  • 150 ml €43.50

  • 40 ml - travel size €10.00

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  • 1.4 fl oz/40 ml - travel size €10.00

  • 200 ml / 6.7 fl. oz. €37.00

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nutriplenish deep moisture hair care

The hydration that's just right for you.

Intensely moisturizing shampoo and conditioner quenches medium to thick dry hair.

nutriplenish hair care

Wondering which shampoo and conditioner are right for your hair?

Shop nutriplenish treatment masques deep - rich, decadent moisture masque for medium to thick dry hair for all hair textures

NEW nutriplenish
treatment masque: deep moisture

Rich, decadent moisture masque for medium to thick dry hair, all textures
4X more hydration,* instantly.
96% naturally derived,** cruelty free and vegan.

*Four times the hydration of untreated hair.
**From plants, non-petroleum minerals or water, using ISO standard.

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Aveda is 100% vegan. Now and forever.

100% Vegan. Now and forever.

Superfood-infused hydration

Lush, visibly healthier hair is the result of nutrient-powered superfood ingredients packed with hydration.

Learn about nutriplenish discovery sets

Easy-to-try trios

offered at a 15% value*

NEW nutriplenish discovery sets
Choose between light and deep formulas.

*15% value vs travel-size products purchased individually.

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Get to know nutriplenish

Get to know nutriplenish

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nutriplenish light moisture hair care


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