Laury Thilleman’s hair routine for repaired and strengthened hair !

Laury’s botanical repair™ hair routine in 4 steps !

Laury's hair was weakened by bleaching and the use of heated appliances such as hair dryers, curling irons etc. Therefore, Laury opted for the botanical repair™ collection which helps to strengthen and repair the hair fibre in depth.

Step 1 :

Laury's advice? Apply and leave on the botanical repair™ light masque before shampoo. She leaves the treatment on for a few minutes, the perfect time for a yoga or a meditation session.


Step 2 :

Time for shampoo! Laury uses the botanical repair shampoo and apply shampoo 2 times! The first shampoo removes all impurities, the second treats the hair.

Step 3 :

Laury applies the botanical repair conditioner which instantly moisturizes, detangles the hair and helps prevent breakage. Hair is visibly healthier and shinier.

Step 4 :

Before moving on to drying and styling, Laury applies the botanical repair strengthening leave-in treatment which protects hair from the drying effects of heated tools!