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Clean water creates healthier, stronger communities. Discover our clean water initiatives.

Please note: These links will take you directly to charity: water.

How to help make clean water a reality

Shop our limited edition botanical repair leave-in treatment. $10 from each purchase helps provide and protect clean water acces

Our limited-edition product

botanical repair strengthening leave-in treatment
$10 from each purchase* helps provide
and product clean water access.

Walk 3.7 miles

It's how far millions of people travel daily
to access water. Walk that distance April 15-22
and we'll donate $40 to clean water projects.**

The difference clean water makes

Meet Maya Devi and Sarmila

For Maya Devi and her daughter, Sarmila, clean water access means more time for family and education.

Meet Pela

Before, Pela's children suffered from chronic illness. Now their water is safe to drink. Learn how clean water improved their health and transformed their lives. 

With clean water nearby, Gisele and her mother have more time and fewer worries.

Meet Gisèle

The trip to collect water is slippery and far for Gisèle and her mother. With clean water nearby, they'll have more time and fewer worries. Hear from Gisèle why clean water changes everything.

Meet Honorine

See how a new water pump enabled Honorine to run her restaurant and make a living for her family.

From March 26 – September 30, 2023 (or until supplies last), Aveda will donate $10 USD per Botanical Repair Strengthening Leave-In Treatment sold in all participating Aveda locations and online at,, and Aveda websites in participating countries to ‘charity: water’ to help provide clean, safe drinking water to people in developing countries, up to $600,000 USD donation total.*

*The $10 USD donation amount corresponds to approximately 9,18 EUR per Botanical Repair Strengthening Leave-In Treatment (based on exchange rates applicable on January 25, 2023). The maximum total donation amount corresponds to approximately 551,834 EUR (based on exchange rates applicable on January 25, 2023). The actual donation will be paid in USD. charity: water is a U.S. based charity incorporated and tax-exempt in the U.S. and operating globally.

**Walk 3.7 miles and share a photo or video of your walk with #AvedaWalksforWater and we will donate $40 to charity: water, up to $200,000 USD. This activation is valid April 15 - 22, 2023. For a valid entry, see instructions below.
1. Take a photo or video to document your walk for water. (Examples include but are not limited to: a selfie on your walk, a vlog-style video walking, a video of your feet walking or your scenery on your walk, a screenshot of your 3.7 miles on the treadmill or tracking device, etc.) Walking distance is on your honor. 
2. Post it on Instagram (in-feed post or Reels) or TikTok on a public account with #AvedaWalksforWater between April 15 at 12:00am CST – April 22 at 11:59pm CST. 
Bonus (not required): Tag us @aveda and use our GIPHY sticker on IG Reels by searching Aveda Walks for Water in the stickers library.