nutriplenish hair care

Say goodbye to 
dry summer hair

Our 100% vegan nutriplenish collection wraps hair in nutrient-powered hydration, plus our leave-in conditioner and daily moisturizing treatment offers UV protection* all season. 

*Protects hair from the drying effects of the sun.

Find your hydration

Every kind of dry hair needs superfood-infused hydration. That's why we crafted two nutriplenish formulas—
light and deep moisture—to replenish all strands. Pick the hydration that's right for your hair below. 


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nutriplenish light moisture
Hydrating with fast-absorbing oils, these lightweight formulas gently cleanse and replenish fine-to-medium dry hair.  

Shop Nutriplenish Deep

nutriplenish deep moisture
With 50% more nourishing butters than light moisture,
these rich creams deliver extra hydration for
medium-to-thick or super dry hair.  

nutriplenish hair care

What's your hair type?

Our curl chart helps you decode your hair type to discover which hydrating formulas are right for you.

1. Find your number, or type of curl:
1 is straight, i.e. no curl, 2 is waves, 3 is curls, 4 is coils

2. Find your letter, or curl pattern: A is loose, B is medium and C is tight.

Your number + letter = your hair type 

Still not sure? Take our Hair & Scalp Check to discover the right hair care for your hair type and texture. 

Meet our hero ingredients

The 100% vegan stars of nutriplenish hydrate and protect hair until your next shampoo.

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